Sunday, August 3, 2014

Enjoy Life, Live to the fullest!

Truly,  life is enriched by many good people around us and the gift of nature. Many times, however, we took for granted the many good things that happened in our lives because of our tight schedule and various things that occupy our mind. While walking in the streets, going to our home or work, our mind is pre-occupied with our “to dos” for the day, a problem to solve, an errand to accomplish,
or targets for the day.

We are like walking robots which were programmed to reach a particular destination. Many times, we missed to notice the warm smile of friends and acquaintances, our neighbors and children along the streets. We missed to appreciate and admire the warmth of the sun that embraces our world and the beauty of nature that surrounds us;  anyway, we’re used to see them every day and it’s always there.

With our pre-occupation of the future, we missed to enjoy the gifts of the “present”, that when we looked back, there were many things that we want to change if we will be given the chance to turn back the hands of time.

Every day in our lives, we are making memories which are added to our memory bank with unlimited capacity.  These memories piled up like a mountain that is growing bigger and bigger. When we want to look back and retrieve our files, what comes first were the happy events, which we treasured and glad to share. While those painful events were put to the bottom of our files and were hard to retrieved.

If we are going to prepare a summary of our experiences, those which we found meaningful, do you think we can make a long list?  Among the list, which is the most and less important?

While we are still alive, we still have the time to enjoy every minute of our lives.  All we need is re-focus our +priorities.  To spend time as much as possible to love ones, cherished friends and activities that give us more fun and happiness, those that give our lives more meaningful and colorful.

On this moment, I want to show my appreciation and gratitude to my family, my friends and to all who made my life more meaningful while walking in the path of life.

To God be the Glory!