Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Secret Beauty of Pilar, Sorsogon Mangroves:Taking “Off"-The Beaten Path: (by: Jeresa A. Llona-Mediana)

     The municipality of Pilar has so many tourist attractions and getaway options. Those who love to soak in the peaceful bucolic life, a tour to Pilar is just right for you. Amongst these unspoiled natural attractions are the century old mangroves growing abundantly in the rugged coastline of Baliwagan area and Panikihan area which are being offered for mangrove familiarization activities.

Discover The Panlatuan Cove, the Source of Nutritious Seaweed "Lato"

Adventure in Pilar will not be complete without  visiting the Panlatuan Bay.  First to taste a freshly harvested “Lato”, our sea grapes, abundantly found the Panlatuan Bay. And, to take a brief look at the remnants of Astillero de Panlatuan, the once famous shipbuilding yard established after the Galleon Trade ended in 1650.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Caving Adventure at Pilar, Sorsogon

            Are you looking for an exciting adventure, that will trigger  all your senses  and make you aware of everything around  you?  Caving or spelunking is what you need.  The municipality of Pilar has several caves to offer, the San Jose Cave and the Lungib Cave.


     Exuding with its lazy charm is our Panumbagan Sandbar, located at Barangay Bantayan. It is only a thirty- minute ride aboard the motorboat from Pilar Pier. 

AN UNDERWATER WORLD TO DISCOVER Written by: Jeresa A. Llona-Mediana

        If you are a water enthusiast and itching to try activities that would take your breath away, well, you must try diving at Bantigue Point and at Marine Sanctuary Reserve, a prime site for diving activities in Pilar. Bantigue Point and marine sanctuary reserve can be reached via a 30-minute ride aboard a motorized banca from Pilar Pier. 


     There is no greater and more rewarding experience than the experience of having a deeper connection with nature where you can feel yourself entwined with its alluring, relaxing and calming effect. The joy of being one with nature, relishing in its beauty and wonder leaves one with awe and quite incomparable feeling of profound satisfaction. Nature does wonder even to the soul of a weary traveler.