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White Water Tubing, An Extreme Adventure

White water tubing is considered as an extreme adventure. It is the newest tourist attraction in the province of Albay. With this event, adrenalin rush, maintaining body balance while riding with the rapidly falling water amidst the boulders, holding tightly with the ropes fastened to the tube, particularly when passing a series of rapids is experienced. Indeed, it is an exciting and challenging activity. It’s a challenge not only to one’s stamina but also  to one’s sense of adventure as well.

The Extreme White Water Tubing is done at Soa, Malinao, Albay.  It is managed by Square Extreme Adventure, a group of highly experienced mountain climbers, safety trainers and adventurers.  It is the only white water tubing in the Bicol Region. Said adventure was fully supported by the Department of Tourism, provincial government of Albay as well as the local government unit of Malinao. This attraction became part of their tourism package.

When I was invited to experience white water tubing by my nephew, Juperski Periña, I readily said, “Yes!”.  I told myself, If others can, why can’t I?  Besides, I need more activities to tone down my rising cholesterol level.

We were from Daraga, Albay and we brought a  car.  We passed by the city of Legazpi, the municipalities of Sto. Domingo, Bacacay, Malilipot, Tabaco, then we were at Malinao. It was my first visit to the interior “barangays” village of Malinao. On our way, we passed by a river, which  I admired at first glance.  It was clean and clear.

The area of white water tubing adventure is near the Vera Falls, so we requested to have a side trip at the said falls. We went there first. We planned to stay for about 15 minutes but it was extended to 30 minutes for we cannot get enough of the spectacular view and was amazed by the work of nature.

From Vera Falls, it took us about 15 minutes to reach the parking area for extreme adventure. Down, down the hill, we trek carefully towards the campsite for another 15 minutes.  The moment I set my eyes on the river, beside the campsite, I cannot hold back my admiration to the scene that was captured by my retina.

 The river is really pristine, free from industrial garbage, clear water.  Small and big boulders were scattered on the river bank and on the midst of the river itself.  Bubbles of white waters rushes on the cliffs, then slowly converged producing still-like scene. Peaceful surroundings, humming of birds and crickets and sounds of rushes of waters dominate the area and produced a calming effect to my emotions. Lushes of green forest, panoramic view, a manifestation of the beauty of creation. I cannot help but thank God for the beauty of His creation.

I thought, the adventure will start there but it didn’t.  We rest first, took our lunch and were given an orientation on do’s and don’ts on water tubing adventure.  Our guides also helped us in wearing the safety gears to ensure our protection.

The starting point for the extreme adventure is about three (3) km. away from the camp. We walk going there for about 30 minutes, crossing a bamboo bridge.  It was a leisure walk for me, for I love the view, the lush of greens and some birds that we saw along the way.

The starting point was another great scene.  How I wish I could still linger there and explore the area for a while.  Yet, I was also excited to experience the extreme adventure. While tubing, we stopped a while on the middle part to watch the swinging monkeys on the forest, at the river bank. I tell you, it was a memorable and enjoyable river adventure!

      For tourists who want to experience the extreme white water tubing adventure,  below are some information which I have gathered:

  •  Extreme water tubing takes place whole year round at Soa, Malinao, Albay

What to wear?
  •  Rash guard or leggings will protect you from the sun and the denim shorts will be a good base layer.  Booties, reef shoes, beach shoes or an old sneaker is ideal for footwear.

What are the restrictions?
  •  You don’t have to be an athlete to engage in extreme water tubing. 
  • Anyone from ages 12-65 can join as long as reasonably or physically fit.
  • Those under age 18 however, must have a parental consent.
  • Pregnant women and those under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed.
  • Those with asthma, epilepsy or with heart problem condition need to consult first their doctor .
  •  In case of doubt  as to physical fitness, please consult your doctor.
In case of bad weather, what then?
  • This adventure can be done either it rains or shines unless, the management deemed it unsafe. At square extreme adventure, the safety of our clients is on top of our priority.  So we reserve the right to move the trip to another schedule when necessary.

Do you provide transportation?
  • The Square Extreme Adventure do not provide transportation but we can help you arrange for one if you need our assistance.

What about an insurance?
  • The Square Extreme Adventure has an insurance but it does not cover personal injury.

Should I tip my guide?
  • If you feel your guided has provided you a special trip, you can give a gratuity in any  amount which you feel they deserve.

Can I have a side trip to Vera Falls?
  • For your convenience, side trip to Vera Falls can also be arranged, with fully trained local guide.

Why there is a need to reserve and book in advance?
  • Since it’s launching last April,  schedule of daily trips for this extreme adventure were fully booked. This was the result of the media mileage (print and television) provided by the provincial government of Albay in support to this new tourism activity.
 What are the expected fees for the adventure?


Plain Tubing
Package Tubing
Rental of TUBE and PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT, RIVER GUIDE, LUNCH, Environmental Fee, souvenir photo (soft copy)

Note:  Transportation to and from Legazpi not included but can be arranged
River Splash
Environmental fee, full use of lagoon area that is fully attended by trained life guard
For inquiries please contact:

Smart: +63 929-1280601
Sun: +63 932-1874797
Globe: +63 927-7442357
Landline: (052) 481-2356

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