Friday, January 10, 2014

Caving Adventure at Pilar, Sorsogon

            Are you looking for an exciting adventure, that will trigger  all your senses  and make you aware of everything around  you?  Caving or spelunking is what you need.  The municipality of Pilar has several caves to offer, the San Jose Cave and the Lungib Cave.

            The caves were named after the villages "barangays"  where they are located.  From the municipal port, it will take about 30 minutes river cruise to San Jose and another 15 minutes hike to cross the hill to the mouth of the cave.  In going to the Lungib cave on the other hand, a motorized vessel "banca" will take about 30 minutes to Lungib shoreline and another 30 minutes walk on a flat surface to the entrance of the cave.  While on sail anticipating the exploration of the underworld,  panoramic view of the richly endowed mangrooves will be passed by.  Along the river banks, a variety of colorful flora and fauna presents an spectacular view that a nature lover like me can’t help, not to  be engulfed with deep admiration.
 Lungib Cave

        Bizarre creatures and extraordinary  sculptures awaits to be discovered inside the caves. Dangling stalactites, formed downward from the ceiling, and stalagmites, formed upwards from the floor of a cave, of various formations were like artworks that were formed little by little through the years.

      Both caves have  large, underground chambers, hence, your heads are safe unless curiosity brings you to the tight crevices of San Jose cave. To explore the entire underground channel, it will take about two hours for San Jose Cave and an hour for Lungib Cave.

            Be prepared to step on a wet, muddy and sometimes slippery floor. Just wear sturdy, flexible jeans, a comfortable long-sleeve shirt and  rubber shoes to protect yourself from scratches and insect bites. Don’t forget to bring water, food and a flashlight. But, most of all, don’t forget to drop by the Local Government Unit of Pilar Tourism Office, located at the Poblacion area, to register and request for a tour guide

        Caving or spelunking  at Pilar will test your agility, sense of balance and let you satisfy your quest for adventure.


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