Friday, January 10, 2014


     There is no greater and more rewarding experience than the experience of having a deeper connection with nature where you can feel yourself entwined with its alluring, relaxing and calming effect. The joy of being one with nature, relishing in its beauty and wonder leaves one with awe and quite incomparable feeling of profound satisfaction. Nature does wonder even to the soul of a weary traveler.

     It enlivens the spirit and renewed hope for a brand new perspective. Truly, if you are looking for an inspiration, take sometimes out to date yourself to the splendour of nature!

     The municipality of Pilar with its richness and beauty tinged by a flavour of local life and rustic settings offers you one of the best experiences of your life. Come, see and feel our exquisite culture, our picturesque scenery and meet our wonderful people.

    One of the varied events that Pilar offers is the delightful opportunity of experiencing our Putiao river cruise. Embarking on a river cruise would take 2 ½ hours to start at the Municipal Port  up to the river bank of Putiao. Putiao river is a  long of winding  river. Aboard the motorized banca, you will feel the calmness of the river and sometimes the challenging yet delightful roughness of it. Getting on the cruise is also a perfect time for reflection as the journey is somewhat comparable to life. There is the sweet peace; the lulling quietude and yet there is also the surging sense of adventure and challenge. 

Along the river, you can take a peep at some of the distinct flora; you can take a look at the different types of mangrove and trees growing abundantly along the river banks, and you can have the chance to observe the ways of our fisher folks as you watch them do activities like “bintol” or catching swimming crabs through the use of crab lift net and catching shrimps through the use of folding lift net , “bubu” or catching mud crab through the use of crab pot, “pangke” or catching fish through the use of gill net and also,  hook and line fishing and gathering of “nipa” for nipa-hut making .

       Their activities are epitome of a simple yet quiet and contented life away from the hustle and bustle of a city or urban life. On both sides of the snaky river is a backdrop of lush and unexplored mountainous terrain. You may also be lucky enough to see some rare tropical flowers in bloom. The river cruise will certainly offer you unique and inspiring experience. Its raw appeal and serenity will surely rejuvenate your soul.

     Visit Pilar, Sorsogon and you will surely love this tourist attraction.


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